What types of donations does Enchanted Closet accept?

Enchanted Closet accepts donations of new and gently worn formalwear (especially sizes 16+) that we use to outfit disadvantaged high school girls for their prom and other special events throughout the year. Our goal is to boost the confidence and self-esteem of the girls we serve by making sure they look and feel good on prom night. Therefore, we are very selective about the dresses we put on display. Please observe the following standards, if you are considering donating a dress:

  • Dresses should be no more than three years old, dry-cleaned (free of stains/odors), rips, and broken zippers/straps.
  • Dresses must be a style that a teenage girl would wear. A good litmus test is to ask a young person that you know.
  • We also accept the following: jewelry, handbags, hair clips,and formal shoes appropriate for girls.
  • We DO NOT accept: undergarments, casual/athletic wear, or boys’/men’s clothing. Please do not donate these types of clothing to Enchanted Closet because it costs time and money to dispose of them. If you have these items to donate, please call United Way’s resource hotline by dialing 2-1-1 or call 404-614-1048.

When does Enchanted Closet collect prom dresses?

We are able to collect dresses throughout the year, but choose to conduct our prom dress drive events early in the year so that our team of volunteers can sort and catalog the hundreds of dresses and other accessories we receive in time for the Prom Dress Giveaways in March and April. Contact us at promdresses@enchantedcloset.org to schedule your donation.

How can a girl get a prom dress?

We make it simple. The Prom Dress Giveaway is usually held in March and April so that girls can get their dresses early and not stress. We publish the dates and locations of the boutiques on our website and we send flyers to local high schools and youth organizations. Girls should make an appointment. All we require is a picture ID and proof of high school enrollment.

Why is the Prom Dress Giveaway only offered a few dates each year?

On a few select dates each Spring, we host boutiques in various parts of metropolitan Atlanta so that we are accessible to every girl who needs a prom dress. We currently do not have a permanent boutique location. Therefore, we encourage every girl who wants a dress from Enchanted Closet to visit our scheduled boutiques even if her prom is on a later date.

Does Enchanted Closet sponsor other projects?

Enchanted Closet offers life skills workshops and other special events through the GIRL$ Program, and often partners with other youth-serving organizations. For more information email or call our organization.

How can I become involved in Enchanted Closet?

The easiest way to get involved is to join our email list. We send notices to our email list periodically about our activities, which include volunteer and leadership opportunities. Also, follow us at @EClosetAtlanta on social media.

How can girls get dresses for other special occasions?

Girls may request dresses for other special occasions by submitting a dress request survey preferably at least two weeks in advance of the event. We will search our inventory and schedule an appointment. Dress Request Survey Link

How can girls get involved in the GIRL$ Program?

The program is offered by open enrollment each year. Girls must submit a complete registration form and parents/guardians must sign a participation and photo release form prior to participation. Contact us at outreach@enchantedcloset.org to learn more.

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