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College Prep 101

A study by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that Black women have been obtaining degrees at a consistently high rate since 2008.  Indeed, Black women accounted for 68% of associate’s degrees, 71% of master’s degrees and 65% of doctorate degrees.  Although this study highlights the positive aspects of Black women and education, as of 2012, only 15% of students enrolled in college were African-American, a drastically low number relative to that of 60% of white students enrolled.  Moreover, although Black women continue to pursue higher education at increasing rates, they only make up 8% of private sector jobs.

This program is intended to encourage girls to pursue higher education, by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to apply and succeed in college, as well as provide them with information on how to fund college. Moreover, this program will offer the young ladies opportunities to tour the Spelman College campus and seek advice and one-on-one mentoring from current college students.

Enchanted Closet, Inc. is delighted to announce that registration is open for College Prep 101 on April 14, 10:00 am- 2:00 pm at Spelman College. It’s in partnership with the lovely ladies of the NCNW-Spelman Section and features Andrea Powers of Next Step Education Foundation, Inc.

Girls will gain insight on selecting colleges, applying for entrance, and gaining financial assistance. They will go on a tour of campus and engage in conversations with current college students.

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Cute, but Counting My Coins

Cute, but Counting My Coins GIRL$ Program is an economic empowerment program designed to teach girls how to manage money and be smart and stylish shoppers. As part of the program’s Balling on a Budget Shopping Challenge, girls are given money to purchase items participate in a fashion show.

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Tell Me, Then Show Me

Research from the National Institute of Mental Health indicates that many people, particularly women, suffer from a fear of public speaking. This fear can limit one’s engagement in important discussions and valuable school, civic, and career opportunities. This program is intended to reduce the fear of public speaking among girls. Girls engage in confidence boosting exercises, and presenters help girls Understand why public speaking is important, learn tools and techniques to manage speaker anxiety and communicate effectively with others, use critical thinking to solve problems, and consider career opportunities that utilize these skill sets.

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GIRL$ SERVE! in the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Studies show that youth exposed to community service become more compassionate and understanding of others. Additionally, doing something that matters gives them a sense of responsibility which helps to build their self-esteem and confidence. This community service program provides girls the opportunity to give service to multiple causes, apply their creative talents, and gain more knowledge, confidence, and compassion for others.

GIRL$ SERVE! in the Spirit of Thanksgiving included discussions on community service and gratitude. The girls and some guardians prepared notes of gratitude for veterans and other people in their lives. They also prepared blankets for critically ill children, and collected coins for Baby AJ, a 2-year old born without kidneys, awaiting a transplant.

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GIRL$ Get Your Minds Right: Emotional Intelligence and Mental Wellness Program

This program helps girls to realize that stress and problems are normal, and provides them with tools to manage them. Girls learn about mental health conditions, resources for addressing them, and approaches to release harmful thinking and behaviors. Girls engage in interactive activities that help them to focus and be more mindful of their mental health. Additionally, girls have the opportunity to engage in discussions with those who have related personal and/or professional experience.

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