16th Annual Prom Dress Giveaway Season
‘Tis the season, Ladies! I hope everyone enjoyed our 2018 Prom Prep kick-off this past weekend. As most of you know, preparing our girls for their special night is a central part of the Enchanted Closet, Inc. mission. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of Saturday’s program highlights with a special shout-out to our featured guests:
Nickee Mack | CEO | Diva Day International, LLC
Most young women can agree that slaying prom requires having a beat face. Whether you’re going smoky-eyed or natural chique, using the right products can make all the difference! But let’s be real, it’s also not lost on anyone how pricey these lip-kits and make-up pallets we see advertised online tend to be. Luckily, Ms. Mack shared the keys to achieving runway looks without spending a fortune. She also put us on skin-care routines to keep our faces glo’ing with and without make-up. Adding to the proper runway shine, the Diva Day International CEO showed us how to stunt in heals and own our catwalk!
Lady Renissa Readus | CEO & Headmistress | Lady Pearl’s School of Etiquette
For most girls across the nation, attending prom is their first formal event. While everyone will be dressed beautifully in their finest gowns, Lady Renissa Readus reminded us that looking the part is still only half of it. With her renowned expertise, our young ladies received proper training in grace and etiquette. Their instruction highlighted the differences between etiquette and manners as well as methods to proper dining behavior. According to Lady Readus, she is also the only African American woman in the southeast to have her own Miss Georgia and Miss America scholarship pageant.
With the help of our Fairy God Mothers within the community, we can present our girls with all the prom essentials-dresses, shoes, jewelry, make-up, accessories-needed for their special night. However, we are also aware of the other form of prom-prep that goes beyond the glitz and glam. In the spirit of Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, some of our guest speakers also discussed prom night safety.
Skye Walton | Trainer | Divas in Defense
Prom is meant to be one of the most memorable nights of a young woman’s life. While getting ready and attending the actual event is important, much of the excitement also surrounds the after parties. At this point in the evening, most young people break away from the crowd and finish the night with whoever they attended prom with. Whether they’re in a group or with a date, this is often when the peer-pressure sets in. While we all want our teens to enjoy their time, we also want to make sure they know how to protect themselves in dangerous or uncomfortable situations. Under her own brand, Girls Can Fight Too!, Ms. Walton taught basic skills in self-defense to fight back against predators and bullies. She also instructed the group on how to attract others’ attention if they ever find themselves in a threatening situation. A 5th degree blackbelt, Ms. Walton began college at 16 years old and has been a trailblazer in her career ever since.
Natalie Freeman | Sexual Health Educator | Grady Teen Services
With peer-pressure being a very important topic, the next part of prom night safety reflects an open discussion on sexual education. As a special message to our young women, whether you engage in sexual activity on your prom night is completely your choice. Please understand that with whatever you decide, just be sure that you are being safe and honest with yourself about what you truly want to do. Remember that at no point in the night are you obligated to engage in something you may not be ready for just yet. Along with basic coverage of practicing safe sex and raising STD awareness, Ms. Freeman’s discussion centralized the importance of recognizing self-worth. The girls were taught the importance of understanding their bodies and minds first, before opening themselves to a partner.
From runway glam and proper etiquette to basic self-defense and sexual education, our dynamic Prom Prep team has our girls ready to take on their night with confidence and style-and we’re just getting started!
Up next, we have our highly anticipated Prom Dress Giveaway. Please join us on March 10th, 2018 for our biggest event of the season!!!
We hope to see you there!
~ Franzene